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Hello Again

December 16, 2015

Pardon my absence.

Major changes going on at our casa. I feel like blogging again so that I can focus and stay present during all of the chaos. Forgive me if the words don’t flow as fast as they used to…I am quite rusty.

We are downsizing.

Our first move will cut our living space drastically….our second and final move will put us in the place we want to be.

And meanwhile…there’s Christmas.

Oh yeah. We’ve always got the best timing.IMG_1966

We’ve enjoyed our stay in this home…but frankly the huge commitment to a large home in the country is more work than we’d bargained for. I can’t replace our lovely views…our incredible neighbors…and the fun we’ve had running in the yard. Still, we want something small that gives us the freedom we’ve been lacking.

I want more hiking, more lazy mornings without mowing or plowing. City adventures that don’t involve finding a parking spot. All of the great things we moved north for…and none of the hassle.

Believe it or not…our amazing kiddos are on board with this one. They are excited! We are excited!

Wish us luck.


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