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July 1, 2014

I’ve been a bad blogger for the entire year. Every time that I swear that I am going to start anew, I stop writing AGAIN.

I’ve survived my first winter in the northeast…and swimsuit season has arrived yet again.  The family is back from our annual trip to the shore, and sporting a tan.  We are excited for the best part of living in this part of the country–SUMMER!

Summer in the desert meant scorching heat…scorpions…and hikes through a brown hillside with some unfriendly cactus. Admittedly, we enjoyed lots of pool time and it never rained. Still, summer up here is a whole different ball game. Green is EVERYWHERE. Grass, trees, farmer’s markets…good stuff.

The kids are getting older. L Bug is four and the Mo Man will be seven in just two short weeks. How did this happen?!?

The beach was so much easier this year. I actually read a book and enjoyed my time in the sun as the kids played. It was a beautiful thing! They were ok when we allowed bedtime to slide…and no one woke us up at the crack of six. Having children over the age of four is marvelous! We even made the long drive each way without a tantrum.

I don’t have many photos from the week. Sadly, I showed up with the big camera and no memory card…(I’m looking at you Mo Man…my guy who loves to take tiny things that he doesn’t know his mother needs). I also made the command decision to put my phone away for the better part of the week. Instead of looking at a screen, I looked at the shifting clouds and ever changing color of the ocean. I soaked in the sun and squished the sand between my toes. How wonderful to view life first hand without a screen. I vow to do more of this.

Summer is here.

I want to run and play outside with my kiddos. These warm months are far too precious to waste.  We are going to hike, swim, and continue to explore this new area of the country. Now that we have our first year under our belt…I have a better idea of things to see and do.

Today was a great start. We ventured downtown to the library and signed up for the summer reading program and then we took a spin on the carousel at the park. The kids begged for Asian food, so we went to our favorite fusion place and had a long lunch. The staff loves my kids–we got loads of hugs and oranges cut into cute shapes on their plates. I never see any other children there and I think the staff is amazed at my two wolfing down seaweed salad and miso soup before digging into their Udon noodles with chopsticks.

We returned home and played outside for a while and then went to a friend’s house for a swim. It was perfect! The kids played hard and fell into bed 30 minutes earlier than usual tonight. (thank you, K!)

Now, I am in heaven. I have a snoozing chihuahua by my side and a pile of borrowed cookbooks to look through. What more can a stay at home mama ask for?



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  1. Laura Hodges permalink
    July 1, 2014 4:21 am


    It truly does sound like heaven! Enjoy!

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