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Resistant Starch and benefits for Weight Loss

March 27, 2014

I have been very mindful about my food choices this week. Last Sunday, I’d hopped on the scale after my pants felt a bit snug and was floored to discover that my winter hibernation had caused me to pack on about 8 lbs.


So, I’ve been paying attention. Whole grains. Loads of veggies. Drinking lots of water. I knew I’d see some result–but was thrilled to see 4.5 pounds gone this morning!

Behold, the power of clean eating.

Surprisingly, I have not stopped eating meals! I have not felt hungry. I’m just eating better.

Remember the batch of lentils from Sunday? Turns out Lentils are a source of something called “resistant starch”. Resistant starch is tougher for the body to break down–causing a spike in metabolic rate as well as an increased level of satiety, or feeling of fullness.

I’ve been choosing loads of foods that contain higher amounts of resistant starch. Lentils, oats, quinoa, bananas, black beans, sweet potatoes. The result? Less hunger-more results!

Not to mention, these super foods are easy on the wallet. Nothing fancy or expensive.

Today, I threw the lentil and quinoa mixture (3/4c total) into a bowl with a diced carrot, a few cherry tomatoes, green onion, red bell pepper and some lime juice. I topped that with a spoon full of coconut cream and some salt and pepper. Voila! Southeast Asian inspired lunch for approximately 300 calories.

I’m often amazed at the yummy meals you can put together with raw veggies and small amounts of cooked beans and grains. You merely choose a flavor and season–Mexican, Italian, Asian, middle Eastern… So easy.

Foods to keep on hand:
Bell peppers
Green onion
Snap peas
Greens (spinach, collards, kale- use raw or cooked)
Canned beans
Cooked grains (quinoa, brown rice, oats)
Lemon, Lime, Orange
Chile sauce

The possibilities are endless

check out my littles prepping some veggies for meal time!

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