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Keeping an Eye on Portion Control During the Family Meal

March 26, 2014

Let’s not kid ourselves. Portion control and healthy eating in general is easier when you live alone. As a single gal, it was ok to stock my fridge with single portion healthy dinners…lots of veggies…and fruits.

Now, with two kids and a husband, my pantry overflows with foods that single me never allowed in the house! Chips, crackers, granola bars…etc.

They have to eat. I have to eat. It’s even better when I can make us all happy at the same time!

Enter the term- portion control. You can be healthy and happy eating family friendly food if you exercise portion control.


Here is a photo of the baked penne that my daughter and I made a few nights ago. Comfort food and cheesy goodness at its finest. Notice that I am eating a small portion that covers roughly 1/4 of a ten inch salad plate. Then, I filled the rest of the space with fresh, low calorie veggies. I filled up on low calorie, high fiber veggies which are high in water content. Then, I also enjoyed the same meal that my family did.

Ps- they enjoyed the exact same meal. They just chose different portion sizes of entree and veggies. We gave the kids salad dressing or hummus to dip. My kids love crunchy raw veggies or fruit as a side dish.

Portion control is the perfect way to indulge in foods that you really love that might be higher in calories and fat. You can eat anything you like–in moderation. Being healthy is not about diet and deprivation. It’s about balance.

my fabulous sous chef

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