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One Awesome Summer- The Dinosaurs are Here!

July 29, 2013


Sorry that I am a week behind–we’ve had lots of lazy days at the lake and work going on in the house.

Last weekend, my SIL and I took the kids to a dinosaur expo in a neighboring city. It was such a great experience! The kids enjoyed checking out realistic dinosaurs with interactive controls–kiddos were literally able to push buttons to make the dinos roar and move. They loved it. 

Morgan is still working on his reading. He is very reluctant and quick to give up.  We have been taking weekly trips to the library and bringing home some great books to encourage him to try. This week we discovered Flat Stanley. 

Swim Lessons continue to be the highlight of every week. Morgan finally dropped his flotation device and swam a small distance this week. I was so proud! L bug is working on her kicks and arm moves and seems to be progressing. She is the youngest in her age group and it is comical to see her happily spinning in circles while the other kids swim in straight lines. 

As for me…I am resisting the urge to beat my head against the wall on the house. The builder’s crew came today and accomplished very little in 6 hours. SIGH. I keep hoping we are on the right track.

Very good news on the horizon with the desert house. I think we might have sold it! Keep all happy thoughts channeled in this direction. We need good house karma. 


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