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One Awesome Summer- Mo’s Birthday Week

July 17, 2013

My little man is six. Six!

Where did the time go? Seems like yesterday that we were here…


Now, he’s working on his reading and riding a bike up and down the street!

To celebrate, we had lots of fun stuff planned.

We attended our first minor league baseball game. Mo was a huge fan! J’s group hosted a family day at the ballpark–complete with a cookout and free souvenir hats for the kiddos. We met a very nice family and hung out with them throughout the game. So much fun!


We visited our local library and were thrilled to discover great children’s activities. They had a scavenger hunt, several art projects, and even a “dinosaur dig” to keep the kids entertained during the visit. Wow! We are not in the desert any more!


On Mo’s actual birthday, we made pancakes and headed out to a local theme park for the day. My friend S was kind enough to invite us–she gets free passes occasionally. All we had to do was show up and have a ball.

We spent the weekend at the lake with J’s family and took cupcakes for the littles. I love the lake that my hubs grew up on. It is so peaceful. Mo and L Bug ended up having a sleepover with their cousins at Nana and Grandpa’s house. J and I went out to dinner with his younger brother and his wife. Such a great time! I’m really getting into the groove here in the NE. There are so many awesome people. We really feel loved.

Happy Sixth Birthday, my sweet Mo. The move has been hard on us both…but I know we will rock this new town and make it our own. xoxo


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