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One Awesome Summer – A challenge

June 11, 2013

School is ending soon.

It will be our first summer in the northeast and our first summer without daycare.

I have to admit that I am very excited about summer in a place where there are so many activities for the kids to enjoy. I also have to admit that I am nervous about my ability to entertain them while simultaneously keeping up with grocery shopping, laundry, and house keeping with two small crazy kids at home. Call me spoiled…it just isn’t something that I have done before. I find myself getting ambitious and overwhelmed. I think I need a blogging challenge!

Things I want to schedule weekly

Cultural activities: Museums, Art Class, Library

Water Activities: Swimming at local parks, Swim lesson, Splash Pad, Water park

Fun Stuff- mini golf, day hikes, park time

Cooking: weekly baking/cooking project

A craft of any kind

Learning- Math, Reading, Science (If I’m doing this, might as well GO BIG.)

Exceptions will be Family Vacations–we have two weeks blocked off.

I’ve been pinning ideas on pinterest and doing some research. I’d love to know if anyone has great ideas for keeping kids busy while having fun!

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