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June 5, 2013

I put L Bug in daycare for one day a week.  In the midst of examining my reasons for feeling blue in the new place, I realized that I had no time to myself. EVER. 

I cannot even describe the giddy sense of freedom this morning. Knowing that I had an entire day TO MYSELF. Even if all I did was go to the DMV…

Speaking of the DMV- I went to get my new license and was told that I had to get a new social security card because mine went missing in the desert. The lady at the DMV front desk actually told me that they had to put the card in a machine to verify it. Really?!? I’m not so sure that I buy it. I think she was just enjoying her moment of making life unhappy…because they take a survey for soulless devil women before they hire you to work at the DMV. Apparently, a military ID and passport verifying my social were not good enough.

So, that is how I spent my free day. I had to drive to another town to visit the Social Security Administration office. Truthfully, I had intended to do it anyway now that I am not on the border and trips to the SSA don’t take a week and a half of frustrated waiting and gnashing of teeth. 

In and out in 30 minutes people. The key is to go before they close for lunch at 12. They are required to see the people who are waiting before they close at noon for lunch. The one thing that puts a fire under the butts of the turtle people who work there. Happily, they are much nicer than the hateful trolls at the DMV. 

To celebrate, I went to lunch on my own. Most women don’t enjoy this…but after years of having to take little people to the potty and cut other people’s meat, I find it a treat. 

I came home and organized all of the random bits of paper in the kitchen. 

Not sure why…this made me HAPPY. I might be the most type A person alive if the source of my chaos is too much clutter and no solo time. 

And L Bug?

She rocked it. Walked right in to her new school and enjoyed the entire day. Her teachers were in awe of how much she loved school. I am officially guilt free.


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