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May 24, 2013

rainydayIt rains like crazy here.

On the plus side, I delight in listening to the kids shriek with laughter as they splash and stomp in puddles and take turns pouring water on each other. I don’t mind washing the soggy piles of little kid clothes that accumulate in the mudroom. Rather, I smile and think back to being a little kid in East TX. I loved playing in the rain and my mom usually made me strip down in the back yard before she would allow me back into the house in the evenings.

On the down side, it makes running errands with a toddler less than desirable. As any mother who has ever juggled a kid an an umbrella will tell you–you spend more time in the rain than out of it. I simply cannot figure out how to carry a bag, a kid, car keys, and an umbrella. This morning we took Mo Man to school and ran three errands. I look like I ran a Tough Mudder race.  My stylish maxi skirt is covered in foliage and muddy shoe prints. My hair? Forget it.

There is no such thing as fashion here from what I can tell. All cute shoes will be destroyed by wet grass, puddles, and pollen type goo. Cute outfits will be a soggy mess. Now I know why everyone wears black. Try using oxyclean to take the mud spots and toddler shoe prints out of your styling light colored denim for spring. Not working so well…

Tomorrow is J’s birthday and we are doing a small dinner tonight because he is on call for the weekend. I  must have been high when I recalled last year’s victory with the pineapple upside down cake. I tried to make it again…because hey! I did it once and it worked! I couldn’t find the exact mix that I used last year…so I used something else. It didn’t quite set the way that it did last year.

daddycakeAnd then…it slid off the plate as I was trying to transfer it. I swear…the cake must be part cement. I had it tilted vertically and it would not budge. I shook it…nope. I used a spoon…uh uh. I then noticed that the pan was spilling brown sugar everywhere and lost my grip on the wet pot holder and seared my entire palm. YAY! I’m more than mortified. My in laws are coming over tonight and I think it’s best that I not try to bake the brownie mix that I brought home as a back up.

Happy Birthday, Honey! 

I can’t bake…but I sure as heck try. xoxo



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