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Change is hard.

May 6, 2013

No matter how much you love something new….leaving something good behind is really hard.

I’ve caught myself complaining quite a bit since we’ve moved north. It’s been very hard to leave the best friends that anyone could ask for and start again.  

It’s been terrifying not to sell our home in desert.

It’s been a struggle to start over…I said that, didn’t I?

The kids have been up and down. I have been up and down. J has been exhausted from the fast pace at his new job. We’re all trying to figure it out.

We love the new house, but it still feels empty. It will take time to make it ours. We’re discovering new things that make us happy–trips to the farmer’s market, beautiful parks, a plethora of outdoor festivals and neat community stuff that we longed for while we were in TX.

People are great here–everyone is making us feel loved and wanted. It helps.

But I’m homesick. I know that this will become “home” in time.

We just have to keep breathing and figure it all out. And pray that our house sells.  

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