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T Minus Seven and Counting….

March 22, 2013

Moving time is here and the mixed emotions continue.

We are packing up next week and the kids are enjoying their final week of school in the desert. I’m cleaning and sorting for the movers and still trying to keep the house staged in the hopes of a (rare) showing.  We had appointments for two showings this week and one stood us up. The other spent 40 minutes here…which we thought was an awesome sign…and then we heard nothing.  Sheesh. The Spring break “rush” for home shopping has been nothing short of anti climatic.

Seven more days until we load two kids and a chihuahua into two vehicles and depart for the great northeast. I’m psyched to see our new place completed and a bit freaked out that it is still snowing up there. STILL SNOWING. Isn’t it spring?!? This southern girl is in for a culture shock. I’ve spent the past week at the park in a tank top and I was quite ok with that!

It’s our first move with the kids–I’m hoping that they are going to be champs. They travel very well by plane…but a week in a car is going to test everyone’s limits. If you have some good recommendations for road tripping I am all ears.

The hardest part remains–saying good bye to our dear friends. I have been so fortunate to meet the most wonderful people here. Life in the desert has brought me the awesome cool girlfriends that women envy on TV like Carrie Bradshaw’s girl posse 0n Sex and The City. I am going to miss everyone so much!! Thank you for being our desert family and sharing this time with us. Please come visit when you need a break from the scorching summer weather and I will do the same.


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