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Don’t steal my sunshine

March 7, 2013

I’m savoring the last few weeks in the desert. Warm and sunny skies, cool breezes, happy mama.

Nothing has changed on the house here. Trying to live in the present and remind myself that there is still time for everything to happen. Come on Spring Break House shoppers!!!

I am so very excited about our new place in the NE. Whenever I need to go to my “happy place” I mentally walk through the new home and imagine all of the changes occurring in the final weeks before it is completely finished. We got a few new photos this past weekend and I practically squealed.

The home we bought is in the final stages of completion. All of the finishes are going in now and it feels like the house is coming to life. We fell in love with the windows, the backyard, and the potential. I find myself overwhelmed with joy at the idea of having a HOME. Military mamas will know exactly what I mean by saying this.  

We’ve had our house in the desert for nearly 7 years. It’s furnished, but I never bought curtains, painted a wall, or changed anything to make it mine. As with all Army moves, you do what you need…you get excited…but something always stops you from truly making it your home. It must be some sort of mental distance that is needed to be able to leave when your time is over. 

Now, the idea that we have our “forever home” makes me feel like a little kid at Christmas. I already picture the house coming alive with our family inside. We will finally get to grow with the house and make it exactly what we wish.

And I am going to buy curtains….



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