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So it goes

February 27, 2013

Happily, we’ve found a new home. 

Sadly, we still have our first home. 

Keep wishing us good house Karma. We continue to have lots of showings and are remaining optimistic that we won’t have two mortgages come summer.

Last week was a fun and exciting time for us–visiting family and checking out the new home town. I am thrilled to discover lots of great shopping close by, including a new health food store. We also have access to a top notch YMCA and lots of activities for the kids. 

Our family was absolutely amazing. My sweet SIL and FIL took turns watching the kiddos and Nana E had dinner for us most nights. Nana and Grandpa J even took our two munchkins along with our niece and nephew for a campout. J and I had a fabulous night on the town with his little brothers and their significant others. We are looking forward to spending a lot of time with them when we move. 

We enjoyed visiting our favorite restaurant in North Creek– bar Vino. Amazing as always! Thanks, Anna!! Let’s go hiking this spring 🙂

I promise to stop with the abbreviated posts when things calm down. 

I promise!


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