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Time “In” for my worried boy

February 5, 2013

The Mo Dawg has been stressed with my obsessive cleaning and the multiple home showings. We’ve been (fortunate??) to have a showing every day over the last 5 days. In a sluggish market, it gives us hope…but for a five year old who is nervous about moving it has been rough.

He got so angry with me for not having his requested lunch items ready to go on Monday morning that I decided he wasn’t capable of behaving at school. His little fists were clenched, he threw away some of his treasured toys, and told me to give his lunch boxes away because he wasn’t eating–EVER. He is so much like me. He likes to have the last word and he likes to be in control….often at his own expense. Sigh.

I decided that he would spend the day with mom and see what actually occurred behind the scenes while everyone was happy coloring and playing on the playground.

8:30- drop sister off at school.

8:45- grocery store. We ran around with the 30 minutes we had allotted and tried to get everything we needed for the house. Mr. Big Shot was so overwhelmed that he forgot to remind me what he wanted for lunch, but we did leave with water for the humidifier and the requested cereal for his 100 days of school project.

9:30- unpack groceries, make beds, fill water bottles, use the restroom and back into the car for the cross fit class that I had signed up for.

10:00- totally pissed at the cross fit people for neglecting to explain that I would lose half of the visits that I paid for when we go look at houses later this month. Back into the car to my old gym to get a work out.

10:45- run to outlet mall for snow boots for the bug.

11:20- shower, prepare lunch.

12:00 fold laundry- I made Mo Dawg fold and put away his things.

12:20- homework–flash cards for sight words, writing of sight words, reading time (2 hours)

2:30- pick up sister

3:00- snacks for kids–clean up time for mom.

3:30- water colors on the patio

4:30- park

5:30- our house was being shown, so I took the kids out for dinner. Mo was an angel. He had repeatedly told me how sorry he was for his outburst that morning. He also told me how busy I was and how funny it was that we didn’t remember to buy his lunch items while we were at the store because we had so many other things to get.

7:00 Bath and Bedtime routine.

I think  that “time in” was a success. It gave him time to be close to me and get reassured that I was still taking care of everyone in spite of being crazy with the house. I think it also opened his eyes to how busy things get while they are at school and that my sole focus is rarely making sure that we do not run out of canned pasta! I learned to focus completely on my son for a bit when he’s stressed and he will once again show me his sweet side.

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