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December 14, 2012

So Morgan has the croup.

After a night of barking coughs and a temp of 104, we made an appt with our pediatrician, affectionately known as Dr. Goo Goo Doll. The kids cannot pronounce his name and that’s how I think of him now 🙂

It’s been heartbreaking to see my very energetic little boy lay on the couch in misery for two two days. We made a quick trip to the store for jello and juice this morning, and I am grateful that at least he is staying hydrated. His appetite has been zero and he’s down the two pounds that we had fought so hard for.

L Bug was bouncing off the walls, so she went to school today. I’m working on putting the house back together after the carpet guys finished their work last night.  The tree is back in place and most of the furniture is back in order. Now, I just have to tackle the guest bed and random knick knacks that we removed before the furniture was pushed out of the way. I’m trying to get it all back in shape so that J won’t have to. He’s been working so hard- we all need to relax when he’s here and not have such a giant to do list.

Morgan asked this morning why “Mommy had so many medals when she was in the army and Daddy didn’t.” He had seen my box of Army coins and my medals/ribbons while we were cleaning out the closet. I had to explain that my job involved a lot of fancy functions and dinners where Generals and Sergeant Majors passed out coins like candy…while Daddy’s job involved working overnight shifts and caring for very sick people who did not hand out coins and medals.

He nodded wisely. “Doctors help people and don’t get awards”.

And then, he touched my heart. “We should make a medal for Daddy.”

It hit me. No matter how tough things get with this stupid house and the upcoming move–I have the best family anyone could ever ask for. We will be just fine.

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