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Someone get me off this crazy thing….

December 12, 2012

I am not sure what is going on in the universe…but we have been on the receiving end of some major drama. I try not to use my blog as a personal vehicle for venting, but GOOD GOSH ALMIGHTY! ENOUGH!

Recap Since October:

Sale of the house fell through.

Two flat tires–in places that cannot be repaired. AKA two new tires.

The hot water heater burst and flooded half the house. In the middle of the freaking night. On a holiday.

Our home owner’s insurance deductible was based on a more expensive home than we own…causing us to pay more than we should have…with the customer service agent telling me crisply (in the middle of the night. on a holiday) “Well, you can choose to handle this on your own, but if the repairs go over your deductible it will cost you a whole lot more…and if you dispute the deductible amount it will not go into effect until you file another claim.” Beeeeyatchh.

Flash forward nearly 4 weeks later and we are still waiting on carpet and the flood people to refinish our tile. Only I could have a home disaster that spans every major holiday. Everyone is on vacation. Mail is slow and supplies are missing. blah blah blah blah blah….

Did I mention that I haven’t had a date night in weeks? I’m hanging by a thread…

So I finally get the news that the carpet can be installed tomorrow–after we relocate a Christmas tree loaded with crystal and porcelain collectible ornaments and our bar and our kids toys, and everything else….

And then the kids get sick.

Of course while J is on call.

(Waving white flag)

I surrender!!!

oh wait, Leighton just fell off the couch and busted her scab open from last weekend’s playground fall.

And the scary part is, almost everyone that I have spoken to is in the same boat!

Is the moon in Cancer or Mars in retrograde?!?

It feels like that old saying: Sometimes you are the pigeon and sometimes you are the statue.

Definitely the statue right now…..


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  1. Carissa permalink
    December 13, 2012 6:11 am

    I so feel you!!! One day I will be the pigeon again and so will you! Hang in there!

    • December 14, 2012 5:48 pm

      thanks! Sorry to hear it’s been a rough holiday for all šŸ™‚ Hope things turn around for you too!

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