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Tapping in to our “Creative Side”

November 28, 2012

You don’t have to be good at something to truly enjoy it.

I am not a “crafty mama.” While I enjoy doing arts and crafts with the kids for fun, I doubt that our work will ever end up on Pinterest!

Yesterday, we took a walk to the mailbox. Morgan was carrying one of those reusable lunch bags from Subway and we got the idea to collect some of the fall leaves that were on the ground. Then, we found a bird feather and an interesting twig. Suddenly inspired, we worked on a collection of natural objects. Flowers, sticks, leaves, feathers, a blue paper clip (and why not?!?).

The kids were shrieking and checking neighbors flower beds for interesting finds. Bean pods, berries and seeds–everything that we passed each day was more exciting. Neighbors slowed down and smiled as my two showed off their treasures.

At home, I knew we needed a large canvas for this work.  We decided on one of the large moving boxes that we had not been able to use. I cut the sides so that the cardboard would lie flat. It was HUGE. We grabbed some glue and the kids saw a box of glittery Christmas candy stickers. SCORE.

It was beautiful.

We left it outside to dry overnight. Today, I plan to reassemble the box and let them use it as a fort. They can add to the collage or not.  The important thing is to enjoy it!


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