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Food Bank Donations

November 7, 2012

Morgan’s kindergarten class is having a food drive for the holidays. It is a great opportunity to talk about those in need and how we can help. One of my goals as a parent is to raise a child who is kind and giving to others. We are so very fortunate to have food available whenever we need or want it, but there are so many who experience hunger and food insecurity.

First, we talked about why we are collecting the food. I explained that not all people have stable jobs that provide for their families. Even those who work hard often find it difficult to make ends meet.

I told Morgan about my experiences volunteering at food banks during college and also during my time in the Army. I showed him how to look for expiration dates to make sure the items we intended to donate were not expired. We looked at the cans to make sure that they were in good condition with no dents or bulges. Then, we chose foods that we thought would be healthy: tuna and canned beans for protein, assorted veggies, and a can of soup. He has a big heart and he wanted to give more than the one can his school asked for.

Please, if you can–support your community food bank. Small donations can make a big difference in the lives of many.

In addition to food, gently used clothing, baby items, and toys are always appreciated. Check with your local shelters or even your school–chances are they can help distribute items that might otherwise go to waste.

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