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Summer in the Desert

July 25, 2012


Oh sure…not every day has been a “photo op”…but we have had a great summer!

I grew up in the south…with ridiculous heat and humidity. Now, we live in the desert. It’s even hotter, but mercifully dry most of the time. It makes summer tough for the kiddos. You want to be outside, but the reality is that the slides on the playground are about 180 degrees and even when you are swimming you are getting fried by the relentless desert sun.

We’ve figured out some fun ways to entertain the little ones and keep cool. My friend SA had her kids make a list of “summer wishes”. We had a great time making dreams come true by making candy, having picnics, swimming, and visiting Chuck E Cheese.

I have learned that a cool grocery cart can make a routine trip to the store into something fun. I have also learned to embrace indoor play spaces on the hottest of days and cheer my bugs on as they climb obstacles and race around on ride on toys in an air conditioned respite from the brutal sun.

The mall is great for an escape with an indoor play area, merry go round, and a train! Outside time is reserved for mornings, late evenings, and overcast days.

Still…I am excited that we might be relocating to cooler climes next year and could actually enjoy playing outside all summer long.

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  1. Laura Hodges permalink
    July 25, 2012 8:18 pm

    Sounds like fun! Where might you all be moving? I was hoping for a business trip to El Paso so I could include a visit with you and meet the kiddos and J! Keep us posted on where you end up next!

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