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Vacations and birthdays…Oh My!

July 17, 2012

Summer is typically when I fail as a blogger. I get wrapped up in play time, swim time, and time with friends. Both kids have birthdays in the summer months and we typically have our family vacation time.  All excuses set aside…we’ve been MIA.

However, my stepmom has reminded me time and again that keeping up with the chronicle of our kiddos’ lives is important.  I chose not to keep baby books after feeling that nothing fit for Morgan–so, I could not do one for Leighton if I did not do one for him!

I get burnt out on the blog front. I get creeped out by the questionable search engine terms that lead people to me from time to time.  Know this now–you won’t see any scantily clad toddlers or read any scintillating stories about fit moms taking a walk on the wild side. Ick.


We will march on.


Some photos from “Vietnamese Sunday Lunches”  we are excited to finally have a restaurant near us!


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