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Cooking with Kids– Taco Night

June 5, 2012


I am always looking for ways to keep my kids involved with family meal preparation. The more they cook–the more likely they are to experiment with new foods and flavors. Cooking as a family also gives them tools that they can use their entire lives. My goal is to send my littles off to college with confidence in their cooking skills and a love of healthy eating.

We start with easy tasks–washing fruits and vegetables and tearing lettuce. Even my newly two year old can help with this.

I encourage tasting anything that is safe for them to eat raw and we discuss the changes that occur when ingredients are cooked and/or combined with other flavors. They discover that they may enjoy something that they previously haven’t liked if it is prepared a different way.Image

Food safety is another important lesson: Hand washing is key with little helpers. My kids know that touching raw meat is a “No No” as is the use of a knife without close supervision. Morgan has only just begun to touch items on the stove. He will be five this summer and has been cooking by my side for nearly 3 years. This was his first turn at preparing taco meat! He did a great job.


Our finished product. We like to add black beans to our taco meat to increase fiber and nutrition. Our favorite toppings are lettuce, tomatoes, onions, avocado chunks, shredded carrots, and some low fat cheese/sour cream. Yum!


The kids also love helping with clean up. We make this age appropriate as well–Morgan sweeps while the bug holds the dust pan 🙂

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