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Did You Know?

April 2, 2012

That Sage is good for weaning?

I made the decision to wean L Bug about 6 weeks ago and decided it would be best for us to stop cold turkey when I went on my girl’s weekend trip to Arizona. She was 21 months old and eating solid foods well–I knew that nursing was more for snuggles than nutrition at this point. I did great for 3-4 days and then began to experience discomfort. My good friend D, who is a Labor and Delivery nurse, advised me to add Sage to my diet to inhibit milk production.

I began by drinking 2 tsp dried sage in tea 3x per day. It tastes pretty gross and I was bummed that I could not find fresh herbs at the grocery store which might have helped matters. After the first day, I tried adding sage to grilled cheese on toast and then to mashed potatoes, beef stroganoff, and chicken and stuffing to make sure that I was getting a dose at each meal. By the third day, I only added it to one meal and my milk supply had reduced enough to stop it completely on the fourth day.  What a great natural solution to a common dilemma!

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