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Oh Pinterest! You Foul Temptress!!

March 9, 2012

I swear that my brain is rotting! But, I am so hooked!!

Anyone else in love with Pinterest?

I could spend days…no weeks…looking at the beautiful photos of people with better food, better clothes, better houses…better craftiness and ideas. Screw the puppy photos–but I love the smart ass sayings and little bits of camp interspersed when I log on. It’s official–I am a pinning machine.

Today, I finally decided that instead of constantly clicking and filing away new ideas that I would actually try some.

Behold my ghetto photo of “Salad in a Jar”

Oh sure…I should edit it…but I like the way the salad nicely blocks the zit on my chin that sprouted out of the blue this week.  Besides–it just takes too stinking long to haul out the actual camera and then upload my photos to then upload onto the block. I JUST CAN’T QUIT YOU PHOTO BOOTH!

I made my version in a large rubbermaid Jar rather than the artfully quaint mason jar versions seen online. After looking at the options at the grocery store it became apparent that I could spend 15.00 on 12 glass jars that I had no where to store and not to mention NO desire to build a dozen salad army–or I could go for the 2 pack of rubbermaids and hope for the best.

3.49 on Sale? Hello Rubbermaid!

I layered romaine, spinach, carrots, bell peppers, leftover pasta salad, green onions, fresh parsley, and added 1.5 tbs Drews Orange Sesame Dressing. Topped with a sprinkling of cashews it’s quite nice and pretty to look at.

Hooray for finally using an idea from a slew of “brilliant ideas!”

Anyone else putting their Pinterest finds to good use??

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