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Mommy Vay Cay!

March 2, 2012

My “Mommy Batteries” have been in need of a serious recharge. We’ve been running full throttle–soccer games, play dates, sick kiddos, and three birthday parties in one weekend kinda craziness.

The hubs asked if he could plan a guy’s weekend soon for skiing with his best buds that he rarely sees. I agreed on the condition that I could do likewise. But skiing?? Pffffttt! Mama wanted to get her spa on 🙂

Through pure serendipity, I glanced at the calendar and saw a weekend ripe for opportunity. J’s schedule– usually a typical doctor’s nightmare of weekends and late evenings….and there is was…three full consecutive days OFF.

I didn’t just leap. I pounced on those days. I sent emails to rally girlfriends. Can I just say how freaking difficult it is to get moms with kids to take a weekend off? I thought that I had four awesome mommy friends ready to take off…but ended up with one super cool friend that was the perfect travel companion for a weekend of relaxation in the desert.

We dropped our kids off at Pre K early on a Friday and after a quick trip at Starbucks hit the open road. We were Thelma and Louise in a mid size SUV ya’ll. Well, probably not. We didn’t find a shirtless Brad Pitt any where on the trip (pity!) but, we did have fun.

 View from our room

We sat at the pool and drank margaritas. How fabulous! Hours upon hours of reading trashy gossip magazines with nary a glance at the water because for once we didn’t have any small kiddos to watch.  I wore the “pretty bathing suit” that my kids usually claw off of my shoulders and read my kindle without fear of splashes. AWESOME.

I went to the spa and had some sort of crazy and wonderful “Sacred Sedona Ritual” treatment…read: Flaming birch bark wafting around me for ambience and getting coated in red Sedona clay and wrapped up like a little burrito to steam. Bliss! Add to that time in the sauna and steam room and a brisk run on the treadmill with no mommy guilt for taking so much time for myself. SQUEAL.

We ate our weight in guacamole and went shopping and had dinner at an ungodly hour for children. Yup, that’s me fresh from the spa and a shopping expedition at Anthropologie enjoying some sushi after my kid’s bed time.

We ordered pizza and wine from room service and watched a highly inappropriate for kids chick flick on pay per view. HEAVEN.

The hubs was an absolute champ with the kids. Not one word of complaint or chaos. He took the kids to the park, out for ice cream…conquered a soccer game with two kiddos and according to my friend Paige, even did ponytails for Leighton bug.

I’ll keep him 🙂

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  1. March 8, 2012 12:07 am

    Yay for You!! That’s awesome and well deserved. 🙂

  2. March 8, 2012 8:11 pm

    Thanks Heather!


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