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Soaking up the Mommy Time

January 18, 2012

Sorry there has been such a lull on the blog. My mind is spinning with thoughts and ideas, but I’ve been focusing on friends lately and haven’t stopped to write.

As most of you know, my new year’s resolution for the past two years has been to spend more time with those that matter to me. It’s driven my focus outward where blogging has always been quite inward. At times, I worry that my writing has suffered…but I know that my “living” has not.

Today, I spent a beautiful morning at the park with the L bug. The sunny skies made me happy, as did my little one’s shrieks of delight when she conquered the steps and the slide without one bit of help from mom. Oh how my girl is growing! I soaked it in. She had on these little glittery sneakers that sparkled on the playground and we had the place all to ourselves. We went down the slide over and over with her breathlessly saying “One…two…three GO GO GO!” We took the fastest of the three slides together with lots of giggles and a race to the steps to do it again.

Our sweet babies

My friend T brought her little guy out to join us for a while. It was fun to watch him and the bug explore the sand box together. Her son A will be a year old in a month or so and he was a joy to watch as he filled a tall yellow bucket with sand…taking plenty of time to let it sift between his fingers as he looked so intently at the falling grains. His blue eyes were bright and his grin was just too sweet.

We decided that this is something that we both need to do more often and I am glad. Play dates often fall to the wayside as the school year grinds on….it is so refreshing for me as a mom to spend a bit of quality time with another grown up while our little people play. And I just adore T, who moved here last summer.

After an hour, I had to leave to pick up Mo from school. The bug fell asleep as soon as she was nestled into her fleece car seat cover. It is so much fun to take her places right now. We’re starting to find our groove on the mornings that Morgan has Pre K.

I had to give up the gym this afternoon to make a much needed trip to Costco to get snacks for the kiddos–our supply had dwindled down to an odd bag of goldfish and a couple of tubes of squeezable applesauce.

J worked this evening, so the kids and I played outside, had dinner, enjoyed an episode of Umi Zoomi and then were off to bath time and bed time.

Life is good.

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