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Meatless Monday: BBQ Seitan and Cole Slaw Hoagie

December 5, 2011

I am no fan of Seitan 🙂

The year was 1998 and my (gay “boy friend”) Tony and I were going vegan…we sampled so many gosh awful “not meat” products that I swore to live on beans and rice for the rest of my life. We made these disgusting Seitan fajitas and I will never forget sitting at my dining room table chewing…and chewing….”It tastes like wet paper towel” we agreed. Bleh! The only good memories that I have of that evening included snarky Dana Carvey jokes….”Could it be…Seitan?” Heck…add some beer and I probably did the church lady dance.

Seitan–made from vital wheat gluten–has an admittedly meaty texture, and without seasoning–absolutely no flavor.

Flash forward oh so many years and here I find myself with my copy of Veganomicon open on the kitchen table. BBQ Seitan with Cole Slaw…sounds good…but Seitan? Oh I’ve been burned before! Still, I needed something easy for lunch and I haven’t yet found a great veggie sandwich that is tasty and satisfying. I chuckled while reading the text from the cookbook–it promised that one bite of this awesome sandwich would have me “shouting at the devil”. Oh…you so had me at Motley Crue!

Of course, I cheated. I bought cole slaw at the deli–so it isn’t Vegan. I actually prefer an oil and vinegar slaw, so it wasn’t for the love of mayonnaise. I’m feeding two toddlers…sue me for lack of prep time! And, if you must know…I purchased the Seitan at our health food store. I’ve made my own in the past and I can tell you that it’s a bit time-consuming and an unholy mess. So, unless you need a ton of it and don’t want to fork over nearly 4 dollars for two servings…skip it and purchase a package!

BBQ Seitan and Cole Slaw Hoagie: Adapted from Veganomicon

Recipe: Serves 2

2 Hoagie Rolls

2 tsp canola or olive oil

1 pkg Seitan (it comes in cubes, slices, or crumbles…I would say anything but the crumbles…)

1/2 cup coleslaw (purchase at the deli if you are a cheater like me…or make your own vegan version)

BBQ Sauce*

* I used “Rudy’s Bar-BQue Sause” which will be hilarious to most carnivorous Texas folk. The actual sauce is gluten free and vegetarian..but it does come from the most delicious BBQ joint in our state. Heck…I might be the first to slather this sauce onto sauteed wheat cutlets….always knew that I was a pioneer!


Add oil to skillet and heat over med high heat.

Meanwhile, Toast Hoagie rolls

Add Seitan and saute until crisply browned on the outside and heated through (about 3-5 minutes)

Assemble Sandwich : I added sliced Seitan chunks, drizzled with BBQ sauce, and topped with cole slaw.


The verdict? Oh my! I had zero expectations on this one and I was so pleasantly surprised. Sauteeing the Seitan gave it a crispy meaty texture that when blended with the other ingredients had me totally fooled. Oh sure…it was “not meat” but in a way that I didn’t miss it. The sandwich was hearty and satisfying and the flavors were great. Thank you Isa and Chandra! Way to rock the vital wheat gluten ladies!

Completely unrelated shot of my girl–look Ma! Two Ponytails!

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