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NaBloPoMo 2011

November 19, 2011

Another crazy day!

We went to Morgan’s Thanksgiving Feast today at his school. He was so proud to have his Nana Ellen and Grandpa Jeff at the lunch. I was thrilled to show Grandpa Jeff where Morgan had said “I am thankful for my Grandpa” on the class bulletin board.  He is enjoying their visit so much!

We dined on potluck Thanksgiving goodies and enjoyed some quality time with my little man.

Pictures to follow tomorrow. For now, I have to grab a shower and pass out before tomorrow morning’s soccer game. It’s the last of the season and it starts promptly at 8am…WTH??

For those of you waiting on a menu…it will probably be out on Monday. I’m debating over some side dishes and a cocktail recipe right now 🙂 I can be fickle about these things and I need a bit of time to think it through and make lists.   I ordered a ham this week and finalized details on the delivery of tables and linens…interspersed with Xmas shopping and it has been a crazy week. How did the holidays totally sneak up on me this year?? Ordinarily, I would be done with my holiday shopping and feeling smug at this point. This year…I will probably be out at midnight the night before. Oh well…my two kids will only be this little and life will only be this crazy once.

Please…tell me it’s only once 🙂

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