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NaBloPoMo 2011–Cleaning the Garage and My Gypsy Soul

November 6, 2011

Today was “clean up the garage day”.

It never ceases to amaze me how much crap we accumulate. We made a pile for Good Will, a pile for the dump, and a pile of miscellaneous baby items that need to be distributed to friends and family with little people. This is the first time in my life that  I have lived somewhere for longer than 2 years and I am feeling the urge to vacate the place! Moving gives you the opportunity to purge everything that you don’t need and to start fresh. Most people dread leaving a place, but I always got a feeling of excitement and possibility. Fresh paint, clean carpets, organized closets….what’s not to love?

We still have a few years left in the desert….so moving is not an option. So, we did our best to get rid of what we could and organize the rest. I have to say that the garage looks quite good.

Strange things that we found….

  • A spider carcass the size of a half dollar. Ick. ICK!
  • A box of Halloween cookies and frosting from a party held two years ago. Ahem…I’m thinking those were long over due for the garbage.
  • Two boxes from coffee pots that are long gone because I like to save original packing for the movers…that’s me! Military wife to the core 🙂

What will I do in a few years when I no longer have to think about moving?? Will I ever stop itching to pack up after 2 years in a house? It’s time to start learning to settle in rather than looking ahead to “what’s next”.  I’ve actually never painted a room or lived anywhere long enough to hang curtains and finally create the master bed room that I have always wanted.  We’ve been in this house for five years and I still have the feeling that it is all temporary.


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