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NaBloPoMo 2011

November 4, 2011

I’m doing it.

After years of blogging….I’ve decided to take the NaBlopoMo challenge and post every day for an entire month. It’s time to bust the wicked writer’s block that I’ve been struggling with for months now.

Today was the last day to officially sign up…and of course my screen is freezing at every turn. I’ve waited for what seems an eternity for the text to appear on my screen…even as I keep on typing.

Today’s prompt: when writing…pen or computer? 

I would say that I’m most comfortable writing with pen. I try to blog on the computer as it saves time and prevents me from working through a post twice. I do often write the longer posts in a word format and then cut and paste to the blog. However, most of my journal writing is still done by hand. I tend to lose most of my great ideas and chains of thought these days due to the kiddos.  Such a shame! I am a fantastic “writer” in the shower and in the car….but by the time I am actually seated at the computer or find myself with a pen and paper in hand most of the juice is lost.

I am glad to take this challenge for a month. I hope that it will force me to seize the moment and stop putting off my writing in favor of the million tasks that mothers of young children find themselves lost in. Ha Ha. That might be better phrased as “I hope it will force me to find a time in the day to channel my inspiration and record what I want to say.”  I am not one to put aside my kids to write…

Most of my great thinking occurs when I’m doing a workout or riding in the car. It’s the only time that my brain isn’t filled with crap like “buy more tin foil” or “don’t forget soccer this afternoon”. I used to keep a notebook in my purse and write down little phrases. I still have a sheet of paper and pen in the side door of my car for favorite songs to download….why not get there again?

When did it become so stinking hard to write?

I’m not a bad typist…thanks to a typing class in the ninth grade and summers spent working in my father’s office. I remember getting my first typewriter around that time and pounding out entire novels in my spare time. Sadly, the writing dream kept getting pushed aside as my life marched on.

Here’s to November!

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