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October 29, 2011

Sorry for the silence.

I’ve had a hideous case of writers block. Coupled with a teething toddler that cues the violins each and every time that I attempt to blog? No Bueno.

I’ve been alternating between social overload and hermitville. We’re schlepping back and forth from soccer games and Halloween parties and having such a great time that it’s been hard to stop and write. My children seem to be the perfect age right now. Everything is so much fun. Except the teething of course…but that is life.

Today, I fed the littles and we headed out to the park. Leighton has nearly mastered the stairs to the play area and today she tried the slide by herself for the first time. It was hilarious! Morgan (aka the best big brother EVER) would go first and then wait at the bottom while I sent her down. She would squeal in delight during the trip down and dissolve into a fit of giggles when her brother caught her at the bottom. Then the two of them would lie on the slide and laugh until I made it back down the steps to start the process again. The static from the slide had both of their hair standing on end and touching them would trigger massive electric shocks…but never mind…it was GOOD.

Tonight, we enjoyed a dinner of creamy polenta, sauteed peppers, mushrooms, onions, and turkey meatballs, with roasted veggies. Then, we bundled the kids up and J whipped up a couple of Meyer Lemon Drop Martinis from the stash of frozen ML juice in the freezer. It has finally gotten cold at night here in the desert, so we piled a blanket on the couch outside and snuggled up for cocktail hour. The kids thought it was fun to be out and were a bit silly so close to bed time. I put on some Florence and the Machine and let them dance while we cleaned up the kitchen.

***In other news….

J and I have our first “Grown up” Halloween party coming up. Haven’t been to one of those in many years….it doesn’t start until late in the evening and I am not sure that I can “Hang” but I am going to give it my best shot.

But WHAT IS UP with SKANKY Halloween costumes?

For those of us that lack flair and creativity with Halloween costuming…you have little choice but to head to one of those costume places that spring up like weeds during Sept/Oct and gaze in shock and dismay at the abundance of  scanty costumes on display.

I grabbed a Harry Potter Hogwart’s uniform that was so teeny that I would not even open the dressing room curtain to let J see it. He immediately barged into the dressing room and demanded that I buy it IMMEDIATELY. Ahhh…no thank you. If you are embarrassed just standing alone behind a black curtain, it is unlikely to improve in a home full of your husband’s coworkers. Seriously! The thing was so short that I was afraid to bend down to pick up the hanger in case something showed underneath the flimsy a$$ curtain functioning as my dressing room door.

Next, I tried a Geisha outfit that had a long train in the back….presumably to cover my a$$ cheeks that were hanging out of the dress portion. I let that one go.

I finally settled on a beer wench outfit that was surprisingly the most conservative of the three. I joked that J should just track down a frat boy shirt and a beer mug….but he didn’t feel it would be any different from his usual attire (just kidding)

Looking ahead at the little girl costumes…I am afraid that the skankification of all girl Halloween outfits is upon us. I am going to have to do better in the coming years when the L bug starts to form an opinion of her own. Midriff baring glitter covered hoochie mama outfits are best left to those who are half my age and double hers!

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  1. October 29, 2011 11:40 am

    Your “home happy hour” sounds perfect! And staying up late for a grown-up halloween party? Sounds fun, but I’m not sure I would be able to hang after my bedtime either! How sad is that?!

    Oh, and fyi – the skankification of not just halloween costumes starts alarmingly early these days. And I know this from my experience working in an ELEMENTARY school!

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