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September 8, 2011

I’m holding a sick and fussy baby. She threw up at Tar&et this morning and we’ve been doing loads of laundry to erase the blueberry stains and alternating between crying and restless sleep.  Thankfully, the Mo Man was rescued by a very suck filled afternoon by my dear friend K that scooped him up at Pre K and took him for a play date with his beloved buddy M.

I am so relieved that instead of spending an afternoon on the couch watching reruns of Umi Zumi…he gets to have an adventure.

We enjoyed a lazy summer afternoon in the pool yesterday. A cold front struck early this morning making me wonder if it’s our last swim for the season. Now, I find myself idly surfing recipes for fall soups and making the transition from summer to autumn….then having a laugh because “autumn” sounds silly when the cold front in question lowers the 100 degree temps to a chilly 87 degrees. We are so fully acclimated to the desert that I put both kids in light jackets this morning.

J had the day off yesterday and both kids went to school. It was seriously decadent to spend the day on a date with my favorite guy. With weekly date nights, we’re doing so much better at hanging out as grown ups…but nothing beats lazing in the afternoon sun on the back patio. It felt like skipping school. It felt like a vacation from the kids. It was wonderful. Even if one of us was asleep and one of us was playing scrabble on our phone 🙂

One of my dear friends from our weekly play group will fly to China tomorrow to bring home her 5 year old daughter. I have been on cloud nine living vicariously through the excitement that comes with bringing a new child in to the family. We threw a fabulous shower last week and my friend D came up with the most fantastic games to keep us all thinking of this new addition to our international adoption play group. We’ve become a family over the past three years…sharing our ups and downs and the love of our children. I am so very glad that Morgan has this tight knit group of friends–all the same age and experiences. I am even more glad for this group of mothers who teach me so much every week. We laugh and cry and celebrate the miracle that brings our families together.

More soon.

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  1. September 9, 2011 11:01 am

    A day w/ the hubby and no kids sounds like so much fun! (even if it does involve sleep and smartphones!)

    I hope Leighton feels better soon!

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