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30 Days of Cooking Light–Day 20. Asian Chicken Salad

August 26, 2011

You can get the recipe here.

For the record, there are about 30 versions of Asian Chicken Salad in Cooking Light. This one looked tasty and I had most of the ingredients readily available. I did have to substitute Broccoli for the Snow Peas called for–yep, you guessed–no snow peas at the grocery store!

This recipe has potential…but it’s not quite there yet. The dressing has 1 Tablespoon of oil that is spread out over four servings making it feel too thin. It lacks mouth feel to me. The whole purpose of dressing is to coat the salad and provide richness and this one is lacking. I wouldn’t increase the sesame oil, though…or it would be dark and murky. I did enjoy the flavor of the honey, soy, and rice wine vinegar.

If I make this again, I would omit the dressing and substitute  some Drew’s Orange Sesame Vinaigrette or use a different recipe for that step. Also, I think the snow peas would be best. The raw broccoli soaked up the dressing and there was little flavor.

On a positive note, the salad was 170 calories per serving. That left us plenty of room for the recommended breadsticks as a side dish. I added roasted sesame seeds to refrigerated breadstick dough. The kids loved these without the seeds so leave a few plain! We served them roasted chicken with broccoli, rice, and cheese, and the breadsticks. This is a classic example of using similar ingredients for the kids when you know that they won’t eat what you have planned. I used a frozen package of broccoli/cheese/rice. They were very happy with the cheese sauce and ate every bite!

 The kids know the drill for the Cooking Light Challenge. I always hear: Take a picture of my dinner!

So here’s Morgan showing off his half eaten plate. We don’t usually wear a bib for meals…but the little guy has been dressing himself and seems to favor his “good shirts” for Pre K. Like mother, like son, no?

Morgan has really impressed me this week. He requested to give up his pull ups 3 days early (we had just enough left to make it until the weekend) and he’s been doing pretty good. He stayed dry on the first night, but had one accident last night. He tried to cover it up by changing clothes and rearranging his bedding, but finally had to fess up when he was cold and needed a blanket. I took these behaviors as a good sign and we will be talking again about using the potty when he gets out of his own bed to come in to our room to sleep in his little pallet on the floor.  We might need a night light in our bathroom to help him along.

His teachers tell me that he is wonderful, sweet and positive. He loves his new classroom and his role as a “Big Boy”.  Leighton has been totally jealous of the tables and chairs in the Pre K room. She tags along behind him each morning and tries to pull up a chair. She babbles in excitement over all of the blocks and coloring supplies and it’s so cute. Morgan is of course the classic older brother who gets agitated and wants her to leave 🙂

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