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My baby…errrr… toddler….

August 9, 2011

My girl is walking all over the place. We’re chasing this little munchkin all over the house these days. She’s opening cabinets and drawers and giggling like mad as she dashes to and fro.

I’ve pulled her away from splashing in the toilet…cringed as she banged all of my baking pans on the tile floors…and just flat out laughed when she popped up in the doorway of my room with the most pleased expression on her sweet face. She’s been anxious to get going and see the world for months!

I am so proud of my little one. Her fierce determination becomes more evident each passing day. I am delighted with her laugh when she rides her little tricycle with the seatbelt–loving her for copying her brother and moving her feet on the pedals–even though this trike has a “stick” that is Mama powered.

The other night at dinner she said “snap peas” out of the blue. Perfectly pronounced! And with a pea in each hand there was no mistake. She sneaks in some “Yeah” and “No” answers with the funniest head shake. Each day is something new.

My friend Paige remarked a few days ago that we will have to stop calling her “Baby Leighton”.

I don’t think that I’m ready!

I look at her and don’t see this…

I still see this:

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