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Check out my Sexy New Splint, Yo!

August 5, 2011

Wow. So the photo is really God Awful and distorted…but I got a new splint today…lighter and easier to deal with! Things are getting better for my poor broken ring finger. It feels racy to have so much finger exposed 😉

J hooked me up with a walk in with the hand surgeon in the ortho clinic today. Their secretary called at 7:15 and asked if I could be there by 7:45? Ha! I was standing there with my jammies on and a cup of coffee feeding the “disaster duo” some muffin tops (read happy little chocolate chip faces) and I might have muttered “not very likely!”.  I made it by 9am…which is brilliant with traffic and two chocolate smeared little people.

The doc says my middle finger is not broken! Hurray! And I will need occupational therapy to make sure that my ring finger doesn’t remain frozen. Even happier! I get to take the splint off next week! I’m keeping hope alive that my hair will not continue to look like this for the next few weeks….I never realized how much grooming is two handed!

ps: I like Laura’s suggestion…Em? Want to visit?

pps: Sock Monkey! Cannot wait to see you!!

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