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An Update (one handed!)

August 4, 2011

Our babysitter is here.

I have the luxury of icing my hand and getting some rest–so I thought I would hen peck an update to take my mind off of the cold ice pack.

My sweet friend Bonnie got me to the hospital yesterday and  (plied me with chocolate) kept me laughing during our 3 hour visit to the ER/Urgent care on the Army Post. If J had not pulled some strings here and there we would have likely been there FOREVER.  At first glance, my fingers did not look broken on the x-rays and I was feeling like a drama queen for taking up everyone’s time…but on closer inspection I had two fractured bones.

My pain has been pretty manageable with Tylenol, but the two littles are unwittingly trying to destroy my splint and my fingers at every opportunity. They think the shiny metal is cool and the stupid thing gets stuck in car seat and high chair straps. Diapering and hand washing are difficult and I’m going through tons of hand sanitizer.

I made a fabulously stupid decision and took both kids out to Cracker B@rrel for lunch thinking it would be easier than cooking/cleaning at home. YIKES! We had to wait ten minutes for a table while the “disaster duo” proceeded to dismantle the candy displays in the general store area.  Then, I shrieked in pain twice while getting everyone strapped in to their seats. Morgan waited until our food came to announce that he needed to pee “Right Now” and then smirked in typical Morgan fashion at the upheaval that followed….sister was not happy to leave her mac and cheese…Mom was not happy to unbuckle both kids, haul them and a giant diaper bag into a filthy bathroom one armed while hoisting a 4 year old ONE armed onto the potty while hanging on to the one year old ONE ARMED that refused to be carried peacefully and insisted on touching everything she could forcing me to wash everyone’s hands…ahem ONE FREAKING ARMED and then wrangle them all back to the seats and rebuckle while shrieking when my splint got caught in the straps yet again.


Paying and leaving went just as well thanks to the old lady with the fabulous Louis V handbag and wallet that took 20 minutes to collect her S@#%^ and get out of my way as I helplessly juggled two writhing toddlers hell bent on candy ONE ARMED. She finally (pulled her head out of her ass) noticed me and exclaimed “oh goodness! Are you waiting on me?”  GRRRRRRRRR…..

Stupid Stupid me! We will be eating lots of pb and j with precut fruit from here on out!


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  1. Bonnie permalink
    August 5, 2011 12:09 am

    You poor thing! 😦 Hugs! Hope you got some peace and rest!

  2. Sue Ann Andrews permalink
    August 5, 2011 12:19 am

    I am feeling so badly for you right now! I’m so glad Bonnie was able to help you (and keep you laughing). Hang in there! We’re coming home Monday!

  3. Laura Hodges permalink
    August 5, 2011 1:50 pm

    Bless, bless your heart Jennifer! My hand hurt in sympathetic pain while reading your story — wish I lived closer so I could help out. You and Emily are always writing about visiting — maybe now is a good time for Auntie Em to swoop in for a visit! JK — not trying to run your life from a distance or add one more thing to your day…..glad the babysitter is there to offer some relief. For those of us who are so protective of our independence, finding oneself living life as a one armed bandit is never a happy place. Hang in there….sending good thoughts and prayers your way kiddo!

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