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July 23, 2011

My baby walked down the hall to her daycare class yesterday. She fell twice, but pulled up and kept going. She’s so determined! I was so proud of her…but at the same time so sad that an era is ending. My baby is becoming a little girl.

J and I are pretty sure that this is it. No more babies. I had the biggest lump in my throat as I went over all of the things that we will never see again. No more tiny infant clothes, no more sweet snuggly little people that don’t squirm off of your lap and run and play.

We spent the afternoon on the couch. My girl nursed and cuddled and napped. Usually, I put her in her crib once she falls asleep. Yesterday, I held her the entire time. I watched her eyelashes flutter as she dreamed. I realized that these moments were going to be few and far between soon and I wanted to savor each second. I smelled her wispy baby hair and kissed her adorable little forehead.

Life moves so quickly. She will only be “this little” for so long.

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