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Wild Alaskan Salmon Mac N Cheese–not as gourmet as it sounds…and surprisingly toddler friendly!

June 10, 2011

I’ve been working hard to translate grown up meals into foods that toddlers will enjoy eating…and vise versa!

It stinks to have picky eaters in the house. It always seems like someone is compromising. Jeremy and I have noticed a huge increase in our “ground beef” based meals–spaghetti and meatballs, tacos, meat loaf. The kids love these dishes…and to be honest so do we…but we still get to a point where we would enjoy more grown up or experimental fare.

Tonight, J is working late and I had the opportunity to experiment with some canned wild Alaskan Salmon that I had on hand. I used to love making salmon croquettes as a single girl. However, they are messy and time consuming–two things that I just don’t want to deal with while chasing my two small children around and trying to put a semi healthful meal on the table.

I rummaged through the pantry for ideas and came up with a bag of Kraft “Homestyle” Mac and Cheese (Parmesan and Romano Flavor). The creamy parmesan sauce would be the perfect compliment to the flavorful salmon…hiding any fishy taste that might offend my little people’s sensitive taste buds.  I prepared the mac and cheese according to the package directions and added the flaked salmon. I served the kids a side dish of grapes (diced for Leighton). For myself, I added fresh sunburst yellow tomatoes and raw carrots and broccoli with a bit of dip.  In the future, I will try this with some fresh baby spinach stirred in to the pasta for extra vitamin C and a punch of color.

The dish was surprisingly elegant–it would be gorgeous with a fresh mixed greens salad. Give it a try! It’s a great way to get your kids to eat some fish.

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