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WEEK 10. Weighing in.

June 6, 2011

This week, I’ve yo-yo’d up and down the same pound that I’ve been struggling to lose for the past 3 weeks. Plateaus are so frustrating!

I only got two sessions with the trainer –my mom was in town for the L Bug’s first birthday and we had cake twice.

This will be my last week on the challenge as far as posts go, but I will continue to work on those last 5 lbs. I’m not giving up!

So to re-cap. Ten weeks of working at it and 6-7 lbs lost depending on the day. I feel pleased over all.

The closer that you get to your goal weight, the slower weight loss seems to be and the harder it gets. Throw in some nursing cravings and a round of summer parties and it can be quite frustrating. The important thing is that the numbers are still slowly inching down and my progress in the gym has been rewarding.

I’m so proud of all of you that have emailed and let me know about your weight loss successes! I’ve lost the least amount of weight of anyone who had written in…so you guys are the super stars 🙂


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