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Finishing out the week–and weighing in. Lose the baby weight week 5.

April 29, 2011

**If you notice, I’m aiming for 1600 calories per day give or take. This leaves a 200 calorie cushion for “faulty accounting”…such as a stray gold fish cracker or a few bites of the “Yo Baby” yogurt that ends up in my mouth. Yup…that’s life as a mom.

My trainer was very pleased today when I weighed in. He says that I should have been doing this the entire time! Duh. It really works…even if it’s boring as heck to read and takes a bit of discipline.


Breakfast: The usual suspects–toast, honey, smart balance, coffee = 380

Training: 1 hour upper body with some high intensity moves–think jumping jacks with a weighted bar–thrown in to keep my heart rate up

Lunch: chicken salad over baby spinach: 450

Snack: vita tops muffin: 100

1c tomato soup: 120

clementine: 30

Dinner:  pulled pork sandwich made with pork tenderloin : 350

cole slaw: 40

corn on the cob with 1/2 tbs butter: 110

Dessert: Chocolate egg: 90 calories (Oh Easter!)

Total: 1660


Breakfast: 2 slices toast, honey, smart balance, coffee with half and half= 380

Lunch: Burger King Whopper with fries (yikes)= 1110 calories (per website)

In my defense, I was starving….and it was GREAT.

Dinner: BBQ Porkloin, cole slaw 450

total: 1940

**a bit over the goal today, but an example of how eating off of your plan can still work occasionally.

I’m down 2lbs for the week–totaling 5 lbs lost for week 5 of the challenge! It will be very exciting if the last 5-8 lbs are off by the end of June. I sort of beat myself up for taking my time resuming a steady exercise routine this year, but I know it was right for me to take it slow for several months after the bug was born.

I’m taking a one week break and I will see you after Mother’s Day.

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