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Marching on

April 16, 2011

Just in case anyone was worried about us after all the drama in my last post 🙂

Things calmed down on Thursday. Daddy made it home after an exhausting work marathon. Morgan enjoyed a wonderful play date with a friend from school and the entire family enjoyed taco night before the kids got baths–some of us were completely covered in shredded cheese (Leighton).  Then, it was off to bed for Morgan and Daddy. Leighton followed a half hour later and I was stunned to find myself in a house that was completely quiet for two hours of leisure before my own bed time.

Friday dawned and we were all happy and rested. My trainer gave me a bit of a break on my leg work out since I was still sore from Wednesday. I felt great when I joined two of my girl friends for lunch in the afternoon and was thrilled to be wearing a size small tee shirt (my first since before baby!) and jeans in my pre-pregnancy size.

The weight loss appears to have stalled on the scale. Nothing to report this week. However, my waist is 2″ smaller as are my hips. My arms are more defined and I feel great. That’s what it’s all about!  I’ve done so much work with weights that I can’t help but wonder how much muscle I’ve added to my frame in the past 5 weeks.  I still have 6 weeks left to reach  my goal–so we will see what happens.

We’re looking forward to a spring party at a neighbor’s house tomorrow and life is good.


enjoying some side walk chalk and our beautiful spring weather.

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  1. Carol permalink
    April 17, 2011 12:46 am

    It looks like they are enjoying themselves… what beautiful children they are!

  2. April 17, 2011 1:26 am

    SO excited for your weight loss progress!!! Maybe you’ll be kind enough to treat your readers to before and after shots? 🙂

    • Jen permalink*
      April 17, 2011 1:50 am

      Elizabeth–I doubt that I even have a “before photo…but I will do my best to locate something for comparison. Part of my reason for embarking on this journey was my reluctance to look at photos of myself “post baby”. It’s such a special year and I hate that my bad body image made me hide from the camera!

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