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I need a “Do Over”

April 14, 2011

The last 24 hours have been crazy.

The kids knocked heads yesterday afternoon and Morgan was streaming blood from both nostrils. Leighton must be one hard headed little chick–it didn’t even phase her. Morgan and I were both covered in blood and Jeremy was working late. I got everything sprayed down and into the wash–thank you Oxy Clean for saving my favorite Anthropologie tank! Then, I put the Mo Man into clean clothes and propped him up on pillows to watch a movie as any random movement seemed to interfere with his blood clotting.

Both kids then proceeded to refuse dinner. Leighton is teething and crabby. She has learned to shake her head “no no no” and was quite divalicious during feeding time. I tried to shoot a video of her staunchly declining her prune juice–she refused to cooperate there as well. On the up side, she took a few sips of the juice when her brother wanted to share her princess sippy cup. Now I know! If they won’t take something, I merely need to offer it to the other sibling and watch them jockey for the item that they had previously refused. Simple.

Sigh–both kids needed the prune juice. Fortunately, I had a 50% success rate. The Mo Man made a successful number two in the potty that frankly astonished me. “I made ENORMOUS poo poo!” he shouted triumphantly, while my eyes blinked in amazement at the sheer magnitude of said number 2. Wow. We flushed, the water rose…and after much plunging (if you ever wonder where my child gets the occasional foul word it is from situations just like this one and his father’s sports viewing!) we bid adieu to the big number 2. Sadly, the toilet still doesn’t flush properly and I am worried that the plumber will be making his second visit to our home in this calendar year. The plumbing company probably wonders just what the heck we feed our children! Or more likely…why the heck we always blame it on our children 🙂

So, with a clogged toilet…a dining table full of untouched mac and cheese…and two cranky kids while flying solo for the evening…I decided to skip bath time. With my luck and two slippery children it would likely end badly. We brushed teeth, put on jammies, and played in Morgan’s room until bed time. He had pulled out both of his rocking horses and thrilled little sister by giving her the one that sings. They rocked and giggled and Morgan led both horses to his train table for water. He impressed me by repeating the words for bridle, reins, saddle, stirrups–always learning! Meanwhile, the L Bug contented herself with gnawing on the rocking portion of the horse. Teething!

We read three Biscuit books for bed time and both littles went off to dream land without a fuss. I had plenty of time to try on my new spring clothes that I’d ordered from Net a Porter before donning my own pajamas and proceeding to lie awake for the next 4 hours until J arrived home EXHAUSTED. Sleep came quickly after that and the next thing I knew it was 6am and Leighton was waking.

The little miss was crabby and teething during breakfast. She pulled her little play kitchen down on top of herself while attempting to chew on the top of the fridge. This resulted in a red spot on her forehead and major drama. I cuddled and kissed her, then  I gave her some yogurt bites to pacify her while making Morgan’s waffle. She choked from stuffing too many into her mouth and I had to perform the Heimlich maneuver at 7am.  At that point, my baby girl vomited profusely all over her high chair. Morgan was completely grossed out and put off from breakfast and I cannot say that I blamed him. I was so happy that Leighton  was fine and breathing that it didn’t bother me at all to be scrubbing a high chair while the two of them watched Dino Dan in the living room.

The grande finale occurred about 20 minutes later when I accidentally knocked a plate off of the table near the couch and the stone ware exploded on my marble tile floor. Pieces shot from one end of the room to the other and narrowly missed Leighton’s eye.  I kept checking her face, eyes, pajamas….looking for any tiny bits of shattered plate. Fortunately, she was just scared from the noise and worn out from every thing else that had happened to her this morning.

I dressed them both, hoping that a giant anvil wouldn’t drop on the car on the way out of the garage….it was THAT kind of crazy today. We made it to daycare and dropped off Morgan and the bug snoozed through a quick trip to the store. The floor has been vacuumed and I am posting while my girl naps again. Here’s hoping the afternoon will be better.

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  1. Bonnie permalink
    April 14, 2011 8:23 pm

    Wow…sounds like your day went downhill after lunch yesterday!!! 😦 Hopefully, it will only get better!

    • Jen permalink*
      April 14, 2011 8:29 pm

      lunch was definitely the high point!! The afternoon has been much better 🙂

  2. April 15, 2011 12:40 am

    Oh my! You do need a do over! hugs xxxxx

  3. April 15, 2011 1:53 am

    SHEESH, what a day!!! You poor girl. You deserve a nice long bubble bath.
    Love the poop story. I’m always *amazed* at the size of poop that comes out of my teeny girls’ bodies!

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