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Making baby food–finger foods

April 8, 2011

Something has happened in the last two weeks. My girl is turning her nose up at mushy baby food. Leighton has a fierce independent streak and she’s showing it by refusing anything at the end of a spoon–specifically spoons being held by mom, dad, or big brother. She wants to feed herself and she’s gone from using  a full fisted raking grasp to a pincer grasp.  Sigh, she’s growing up and year one is almost gone.

I’ve been excited to discover that foods for this stage are easy to modify. Pictured above: grated organic apple. Traditional apples are notably high in pesticides, so I do recommend organic here. I bought a bag of them at W@lmart and it wasn’t expensive. Simply wash, peel, and grate. I used the largest holes on my grater–otherwise it’s just mush and juice. I see pears, zucchini, and cucumber in our future.

Now this mess is a combination of the apple above with some of the butternut squash puree that I made a few weeks ago. I don’t like to waste good baby food–so I thickened the squash puree with some infant rice cereal and made little “balls” or chunks that Leighton could pick up and eat with her hands. I forget where I read this tip, but it made the texture more appealing and easier for my little bug to manage by herself.

Finger Foods that we’re enjoying right now:

  • egg yolk
  • tofu cubes
  • shredded cheeses
  • green peas
  • butternut squash cubes
  • cheerios
  • shredded chicken, beef, pork (really!)
  • very well cooked carrot pieces (I do smoosh these with a fork just to make sure that the hard center is very tender)
  • avocado chunks!!! FINALLY!!! These are Morgan’s favorites and I was in total despair when Leighton acted like she was being fed live cockroaches. Happily, she enjoys the taste now. It’s great reinforcement for the advice that you sometimes have to introduce a food several times before it is enjoyed.
  • tiny bits of well cooked pasta–we use a bit of Morgan’s Mac and Cheese.
  • black beans (a sure sign that she’s ours!)

See this?? Does it look familiar?

Yes, Claire is at it again….

Sneak thief!

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