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Challenge: Lose the Baby Weight. WEEK 1, Rehabilitating Breakfast: Bling your Oatmeal

March 24, 2011

I joke pretty often that I am the “Oatmeal Queen”. That warm comforting bowl of oats is a blank canvas and I can’t resist spicing things up. Oatmeal is cheap. Oatmeal is easy. Oatmeal is familiar. What’s not to love?

Here are some of my favorite add in’s for a great bowl of oats. You simply prepare your oatmeal according to the directions on the box or package and top it with any of the ideas below. Note: I prefer whole oats–steel cut or old fashioned. The chipper shredded processed stuff tastes wet and soggy to me. While steel cut oats have a longer cooking time, the old fashioned variety can still be prepared in the microwave or on the stop top in about 5 minutes flat!

Bling Your Oatmeal


  • 1/2 Chopped apple, 1 Tbs raisins, 2 chopped dates, dash of cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup canned pumpkin stirred in at the end of cooking time and 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/2 cup blueberries and 2 tbs walnuts
  • 2 Tbs shredded coconut, 1/2 banana
  • 1 Tbs ground flax seeds, 1 Tbs maple syrup
  • 1 container of light yogurt stirred in after cooking–makes a very creamy oatmeal and flavors it at the same time. The result is a silky oatmeal that is high in calcium. I like Yoplait Boston Cream Pie for this one.
  • 1 TBS peanut butter and a sprinkling of raisins (PB&J Oatmeal!)
  • 2 TBS granola
  • 1 jar baby fruit puree–try apple, pear, blueberry, banana, apricot, mango…these sugar free fruit purees are delicious swirled on top of the oats
  • Sauteed fruit: slice up apple, pear, bananas, berries and saute in a small amount of butter or margarine
  • 2  Tbs Cherry Craisins and 2 Tbs chopped hazelnuts (toast these for better flavor)
  • 1/2 banana, 2 dates, 2 Tbs walnuts
  • Sliced peaches and 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
  • 2 Tbs chopped pistachios
  • 2 slices turkey bacon crumbled, and  1 tbs maple syrup–try it. You will like it 🙂
  • Add 2 sliced dried apricots to water before boiling, finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar

Other ideas? Slow cooked oatmeal or baked oatmeal make great breakfast choices

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  1. March 25, 2011 1:53 pm

    Inspired by your “oatmeal bling”, I added shredded coconut and sliced almonds to my crockpot steel cut oats this morning. YUM!!! Thanks for the great ideas!

    (and still going strong without waffles – it’s been a whole week! Now let’s see if I can make it through the weekend!)

  2. Liz permalink
    March 28, 2011 4:52 pm

    My go-to (even this morning) is: old fashioned in the microwave for 2.5 minutes. Stir in some cinnamon and then top with 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce and 1 TBS of peanut butter (White Chocolate Wonderful is the best). I sprinkle on chia seeds when I remember. Other favorite add-ins include a diced pear and some craisins or dried cherries.

    • Jen permalink*
      March 28, 2011 7:00 pm

      That sounds delish! I am going to try this tomorrow!


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