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Cooking with Kids–Making Baby Food

March 15, 2011

Morgan and I spent the morning making baby food. He’s shown a real interest in cooking and loves to help out in the kitchen.  We started with a trip to Sun Harvest to pick out some yummy organic veggies and a roast chicken. We found some beautiful green spinach, and a bright orange acorn squash. Deeply colored fruits and veggies are highest in nutrients so choose them often when making your own meals.

First, we scrubbed the squash with a vegetable brush to remove all dirt. Then, we cut it in half and Morgan scooped out the seeds using a fork.

We decided to prepare the squash two ways– one sweet and one savory. For our first dish, squash with spinach and roast chicken–we steamed the squash half  in the microwave for 8 minutes.

Next, we shredded one roasted chicken leg (free range) and sauteed some organic spinach in a pat of butter (cholesterol is good for babies!)

All three ingredients went into the food processor with some water and were pureed.

The result? A full tray of delicious home made baby goodness ready for the freezer.

Chef Morgan: Note the improvised bib as an apron. I took the neck tabs and tucked them into his pants to hold it in place.

For our second dish, we peeled and cubed the remaining acorn squash half and put it in a steamer basket on the stove with a stick of cinnamon.

Note: I’m using a ghetto stainless steel steamer that scratches my non-stick pans. One of the pieces broke off today, so I am looking forward to replacing it with one of the new swanky silicone models that won’t damage cookware.

Last, we added about a teaspoon of fresh orange zest and a cap full of vanilla extract before pureeing. I added about 2 oz water to make it smooth.

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