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Bedtime Stories

March 6, 2011

As part of our new bedtime routine we snuggle up in our bed each night for story time.

Jammies are put on, security blankets are gathered, and everyone smells like Burt’s Bees “baby bee” lotion and clean hair.

It is Morgan’s job to choose three books each evening. I am so often pleased by the fact that he nearly always chooses something appropriate for Leighton and points out that he chose “this one for baby”.

Leighton loves story time as much as her brother. She bounces happily and claps her tiny hands while her daddy tells the story. Our littlest bug seems to grasp that this time is special.

Our favorite stories of the moment are Goodnight Moon, Anything by Dr. Seuss–the kids just had Dr. Seuss week at school, and a collection of Halloween stories that Morgan still loves to read. He likes “Whoo’s That?” a pop-up book with ghosts, witches, and candy.  Leighton enjoys a soft book of nursery rhymes that were a gift from Jeremy’s Aunt Norah.

My little “Cat in the Hat”

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