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I would marry this man again in a heart beat.

February 11, 2011

Going back in time for this one–our first Christmas together…circa 2004. Freshly engaged and oh so cute!
It’s five am. I’ve been awake hacking and coughing most of the night–still in full custody of the cold that J and I have passed back and forth for weeks on end. Leighton comes to in her swing–the only place she will sleep besides tucked up next to me–and voices her discontent and not being able to locate mommy.
“Shhh…” I hear J swing out of bed and head towards her. “Mommy has been up all night. She’s exhausted. Shhhh…”
I wait. Expecting him to toss a warm bundle into the bed next to me to be nursed. I hear him rustling around, deciding to change her diaper. This does not please the Leighton bug and she wails a bit in protest. I hear Morgan stir from his pallet next to my bed and wonder if the entire house is about to wake.  J completes the diaper change and whisks the wailing baby out of the room and down the hall, firmly telling her “Mommy needs her sleep”.
They return with a warm bottle and settle into the rocking chair. I feign sleep as J is working so hard to give me some rest.  I hear him softly admonishing the tiny bundle in his arms as she peeps and protests….she wants the good stuff!
5:30 am…J’s alarm clock goes off and he brings the baby to me. He has to get ready for work and she has refused the bottle.
I love this man.
He knows that Leighton would pretty much go hungry rather than drink formula. He knows that all he did was buy me an extra half hour of precious sleep by trying to pacify her. He knows he could have plunked her down in bed with me immediately….but he still made the effort to give me a break.
I am so lucky.
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