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January 29, 2011

Yesterday was exactly what I needed.  I got the kids to school on time and spent the morning sorting through clothes getting ready for a garage sale in the spring. It felt productive and cleansing to see neatly folded shelves and to know that the outgrown items would be of use to somebody else.  It is incredible how much baby stuff gets accumulated in this first year.

Then, I had time for a quick shower and in keeping with my new year’s resolution to “De frump!” I took the time to roll my hair and put on something fabulous in time to pick up Leighton from school and meet two of my wonderful girlfriends for lunch.  My friend L treated us to fabulous gourmet “Bento Style” lunches– butternut squash soup with candied bacon and chevre, seared ahi tuna, mixed greens, zucchini strings and garlicy aioli finished with a yummy little butterscotch bar that was just the right size for something sweet without feeling like we needed to go for a run afterwards.  We laughed until we had tears in our eyes, taking turns passing my little crabby patty who is teething and refusing to nap.

Next, we checked out a boutique in our area that is known for fabulous finds. We all totally lucked out in the sale racks! L and I got designer jeans that were normally 188.00 for $46.00. SCORE! S got a beautiful sweater for a steal. The sales ladies fell in love with the L Bug, passing her around and showing her all of the pretty sparkly things. They said “que hermosa!!” and put my little princess on a pedestal (literally) in front of a three way mirror and laughed while she waved her chubby little arms and “talked” to the beautiful girl in the mirror.

Then it was time to pick up our kiddos from preschool and we all headed home. It was such a wonderful way to recharge before the weekend.

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