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Spending More Time with the TV Off

January 4, 2011

Yesterday we broke out the Zany Zoo wooden puzzle that was a gift from one of Jeremy’s coworkers. It is such a beautiful toy and kept both Morgan and Leighton busy for half an hour twirling beads and matching puzzles of animals. I saw a bit of my future as the two pushed one another and held on to the animal beads that drew their attention….but it was still cute to see Morgan explain to his baby sister what a zebra was and show her little hands how to maneuver the beads and open and shut doors.

We also danced to Morgan’s cool new sound board mixes, which allow us to choose a variety of music styles from steel drums to techno and program it to play popular kids songs in the new format. It’s so cool!

and then we always play with the couch pillows for some low tech fun 🙂

I’m really enjoying spending more time with the television turned off. We’re playing and laughing and the  kids are thriving with more attention. I thought it would make things harder with two kids, but they actually behave better and have become more engaged in the same activities. Even with the age difference–Leighton enjoys hearing Morgan’s story books and he enjoys her simple blocks and sorting toys while “helping” her use them. Leighton is sitting up on her own now, and that makes it easier for them to play together.

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  1. January 6, 2011 2:46 am

    How adorable that M was being such a great big brother! It was so interesting to me to read this – we only have one TV in our house, and it’s tucked away in a little den attached to our bedroom, so the girls almost never see it. We use Elmo, Sesame Street and some Korean cartoons reserved as rewards for good behavior, or when we’re out for a long car trip. So, the effect is that any time the girls see a TV (others’ houses, Target, etc.) they are positively RIVETED! 🙂

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