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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2011

I owe an epic post on the five @#%#%^ days that it took us to get home from the holidays–but for now, let me wish you all a happy new year and get the resolutions rolling.

In 2011 I resolve to:

  1. Learn to use my new camera
  2. Spend more time with the TV off
  3. Get back into whole foods on a daily basis–not just in fits and starts
  4. I resolve to move more each day and make better choices…I’m so over the mama schlump
  5. Less retail therapy, more outdoor therapy. It’s been too tempting to log on to Anthropologie when I need a mental break rather than load the kids into the stroller and see the world.
  6. work on my writing
  7. continue Meatless Monday
  8. Go on two dates a month with my hubby…life’s too short not to enjoy the love of my life.
  9. Plan more fun time with my friends. I hope to initiate more get togethers and good times 🙂

What are you guys hoping to do in the new year?

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  1. January 1, 2011 11:15 pm

    I really like the outdoor therapy. I’m borrowing that one for myself.

  2. January 2, 2011 1:37 am

    Love this list!

  3. jjm permalink
    January 2, 2011 6:52 pm

    Your trip home sounds like it was a nightmare. Glad you made it!

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