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What a wonderful world….

August 29, 2010

My little chickadee has turned some sort of sleep corner and for the past THREE nights–she has slept for 6 hours at a stretch. It could not have come a moment too soon as I was stumbling, incoherent, and crying like a toddler from the sleep deprivation.  She is still cluster feeding throughout the day and evening to stock up on food before she finally passes out, but I will take nursing throughout my waking hours for some precious sleep at night.

She’s growing so fast! Here’s a photo of her on Friday night, modeling a size 6 month dress that my friend Diane gave her and her beautiful new red flower head band from Ju Ju Bee’s and Co.  I have ordered several more flowers–I just love how sweet they are and we get so many compliments! These headbands are a bit smaller scale and more delicate than most that I find. I don’t feel like she’s wearing a flower “dinner plate” on her tiny head.

Leighton is laughing and smiling as well as cooing and beginning to use her hands. She reaches for Daddy and Morgan and loves to grab my hair. She turns from her tummy to her back but hasn’t made the full “rollover” yet. Tummy time is getting a bit easier as she builds up strength in her neck and arms but she still grunts and groans quite theatrically while huffing her little breath. It’s adorable and hysterical!

We went out for a fantastic dinner with friends on Friday night. We drove up to Old Mesilla, New Mexico and visited the historic La Posta restaurant. We went with a huge group of friends–four families and it was so much fun to drink margaritas and hang out while the kids kept each other entertained. The kids ranged from 2-preteen so it was quite a mix.

Morgan has developed his first crush! He follows my friend’s daughter, Sophia, everywhere. She is 8 years old and very patient with him…but wanted to play with the older kids that night! He chased her all over the town square after dinner and then got mad about not being able to catch her on the way home.


Conversation from the car:

Morgan: “Sophia runs too fast! She need slow down for me”

Me: “Honey, Sophia is a big girl. She wants to play with her friends”

Morgan: “Sophia my friend!”

Me: “Yes, but Sophia is 8 years old and she’s a big girl that goes to school. She likes to play with big kids, too.”

Morgan: (Very Indignant!) ” I big boy! I go school! I go poop on potty! Sophia not too big for me!!”

It took EVERYTHING that I had not to crack up.

Me: “You’re right. You are a big boy!” hmmm…. “Maybe Sophia needs to slow down”


My little man is growing up as well. He is in preschool this year and brought home his school papers on Friday. Instead of the cute little crafts and art projects that we are used to, he had several pages of workbook sheets that showed he was learning the fundamentals of handwriting. I was so proud that it was a bit ridiculous! His class is learning to trace lines from side to side and up and down as well as making little humps and loops to prepare themselves for writing letters. He is controlling his crayons so much better!

Morgan now recognizes most colors and shapes–still mixing up red/purple at times as well as squares/rectangles when he isn’t paying attention. However, he easily identifies ovals, stars, hearts, circles, pentagons, diamonds, and octagons.

His vocabulary is ever expanding and he likes the word “Probably” at the moment. It’s very cute to hear “It probably going to rain” or “it probably getting dark”.

Morgan talks a lot about friends/friendship and sweetly asks “Will you be my friend?”. Unfortunately, he is also learning “I not your friend” when something upsets him.

He is now dressing himself on most days…unless he is crabby about something and wants me to do the work. Then he whines and says “I CAN’T do it!”

Morgan has been asking for a scooter and helmet, so I think we are going to try to pick one out soon. We’ve explained that he has to wear a helmet if he rides a scooter and his response is “I will wear a helmet like Sophia!”

My boy has a one track mind!

Big brother showing little sister “how to play with her toys”.

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  1. August 29, 2010 11:19 pm

    Hee hee. I love the “I’m a big boy b/c I use the potty argument.” That would SO work in our house since O just got trained 🙂 Morgan is welcome here ANY time.

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